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President's message

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I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

The word "New Year" is one that evokes a feeling straight from the heart of something good being on the way, whatever it may be. At the same time, it has the miraculous power of inspiring a hopeful glow, with the wish for a year full of fun and enjoyment. The New Year holiday is a good time to reflect on various matters related to our Association, such as how the Association spent the year up to yesterday, if there were any things left undone, and what can be accomplished over the year that starts today.

The Priority Research Committee, which was launched in 2013, is continuing to carry out activities so that dental health professionals can proactively address eating disorders in children. Last year, the committee compiled a report on the current situation regarding eating disorders in children. Taking this as a starting point, it held a public forum and study meeting for dental personnel entitled, "Incorporating Perspectives on Childcare and Nutrition into Dental Care: Understanding Eating and Swallowing Functions and Responding to Eating Disorders in Children." Furthermore, the committee plans to hold an open forum for the public on May 28 this year, and thereby convey to communities that dental health professionals are experts on eating disorders in children. Our Association will thus provide support going forward so that children can experience the happiness and enjoyment of eating.

Our annual academic journal was made an online journal starting with Volume 34, issued in March 2014. Journal issues can thus be accessed anytime and anywhere, and hold promise in terms of their search ability, which makes it possible to acquire not only the necessary information in specialized fields, but in peripheral fields, too-something that had been inconceivable in the past. The journal issues also have the potential for development as databases in the future, and can be expected to reduce expenses. Unfortunately the access rates are still low, so we are examining measures to have as many people use them as possible. In particular, Volume 35, which was issued last year, and Volume 36, to be issued in March this year, include a special feature called "Dentistry and Sport! Toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games" that covers dentistry's multifaceted support for athletes. The journal thus serves as a good opportunity to keep an eye on trends in dentistry and to promote new development in dental care going forward.

The 23rd General Meeting of the Japanese Association for Dental Science held last autumn was a success. The 24th General Meeting will be held at Pacifico Yokohama on September 23 through 25, 2021, and will thus be held one year later than usual because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. We intend to fully examine our approach to holding future general meeting, and to make them fruitful meeting attended by as many people as possible. I would like for the members of our Association to take pride in the fact that this is our general meeting, and to freely share constructive opinions. Let's make this next one a very meaningful event, and invite many participants from countries worldwide, with the aim of holding a general meeting that all attendees can thoroughly enjoy.

A new year has begun, so let's move forward!

Masahito Sumitomo
President, Japanese Association for Dental Science

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