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Journal in Japanese

Journal of the Japanese Association for Dental Science
Published annually in March; Not for sale
Circulation : online Journal
Edited by : Journal Editors Committee of Japanese Association for Dental Science

Journal in English

Japanese Dental Science Review
Published once a year in November; Not for sale
Circulation : online Journal
Edited by : English-edition Journal Editors Committee
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【2020 JDSR 引用Article Best 10 】
1Synthesis and modification of apatite nanoparticles for use in dental and medical applications Okada M.,Matsumoto T.
2Role of Streptococcus mutans surface proteins for biofilm formationMatsumoto-Nakano M.
3Bone grafting materials in dentoalveolar reconstruction: A comprehensive review Titsinides S.,Agrogiannis G.,Karatzas T.
4Ultrastructural and biochemical aspects of matrix vesicle-mediated mineralizationHasegawa T.,Yamamoto T.,Tsuchiya E.,Hongo H.,Tsuboi K.,Kudo A.,Abe M.,Yoshida T.,Nagai T.,Khadiza N.,Yokoyama A.,Oda K.,Ozawa H.,de Freitas P.H.L.,Li M.,Amizuka N.
5Cancer metabolism: New insights into classic characteristicsKato Y.,Maeda T.,Suzuki A.,Baba Y.
6Wear of resin composites: Current insights into underlying mechanisms, evaluation methods and influential factors Tsujimoto A.,Barkmeier W.W.,Fischer N.G.,Nojiri K.,Nagura Y.,Takamizawa T.,Latta M.A.,Miazaki M.
7Overview of innovative advances in bioresorbable plate systems for oral and maxillofacial surgery Kanno T.,Sukegawa S.,Furuki Y.,Nariai Y.,Sekine J.
8Resin based restorative dental materials: characteristics and future perspectives Pratap B.,Gupta R.K.,Bhardwaj B.,Nag M.
9Current and future options for dental pulp therapyMorotomi T.,Washio A.,Kitamura C.
10Histology of human cementum: Its structure, function, and development Yamamoto T.,Hasegawa T.,Yamamoto T.,Hongo H.,Amizuka N.

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