About Overview


The Japanese Association for Dental Science (JADS) is an academic organization organized within the Japan Dental Association in accordance with Article 43 of the Articles of Association of the latter association and currently comprises 25 specialized organizations and 21 authorized organizations. The JADS members consist of members of the Japan Dental Association, those of JADS specialized organizations and authorized organizations with current respective numbers as follows:
Members of Japan Dental Association: 64,102 persons
Members of JADS specialized organizations: 40,187 persons
The total membership is 104,289 as of March 31, 2022.


The purpose of this Association is to develop dental science in order to improve dental care and contribute to the welfare of citizens and human beings.


To achieve the above mentioned purpose, this Association works on the following matters:

  • Matters relating to the progress and development of sciences and technologies related to dentistry

  • Matters that relate to the holding of academic conferences

  • Aid to JADS specialized organizations

  • Close collaboration between and among JADS specialized organizations

  • Reports and proposals in response to advice from the President of the Japan Dental Association

  • Other matters required to achieve the purpose of this Association

Accordingly, we conduct necessary research and survey activities (academic research projects, holding of academic lecture meetings, discussion on dental science terminology, etc.) Moreover, we publish the "Journal of the Japanese Association for Dental Science (JJADS)" (online Journal) as our official journal to distribute to our members. At the same time, we publish the "Japanese Dental Science Review" , which is an online journal in English to let overseas academic organizations understand the current situation of Japanese dental science.
The general meeting of the Japanese Association for Dental Science (an academic conference) was held every other year between 1953 and 1963. The 11th meeting was held in 1966, the 12th in 1969, and the following meetings have been held basically once every four years.